Learndot Overview

Last Updated: May 11, 2015 08:19AM UTC

Learndot is a new take on a general-purpose Learning Content Management System (LCMS) for businesses. Learndot has been designed to excel in a number of situations in which previous generations of learning systems were poor fits. Our strategy is to use a familiar, modern approach to web content and thereby enable people who are unfamiliar with old school e-learning techniques to gain the benefits of a structured learning system. Some unique strengths:

  • Customer Training and Certification: Learndot is often a key tool for customer success and customer education teams. Deployed alongside community platforms, help centers, and customer success analytics tools, Learndot is often used not only to deliver product training, but also best practices, skills development, thought-leader content and more.
  • Blended internal/external training: Learndot has been designed to seamlessly blend the idea of 'external' and 'internal' learners. It is very easy and common to re-use training developed in Learndot between employees, customers, partners, and beyond.
  • Ease of use, low barrier to entry: Historically, LMSs have a reputation of poor usability and general complexity. Learndot has set out to change that. It is extremely easy to create great learning content inside Learndot. If you can post to a blog or write a help center article, you can use Learndot. For that reason, sometimes Learndot is called "The Wordpress for Learning." You do not need to be an instructional designer to be successful with Learndot (but naturally it doesn't hurt. :)). Many of our most successful users are marketers, content managers, and customer success professionals.
  • Modern platforms and API-first: Learndot is designed for today's business technology ecosystem. Learndot is a multi-platform application, it works just as well on a smartphone as a workstation – and everything in between. Many of our customers use Learndot primarily as a mobile training solution. But the modern technology ecosystem is defined not only by mobility, but also by diversity. For that reason, Learndot has been designed from day 1 to play well with others. By being API-first and having a strong integrations team, Learndot is very easy to incorporate into any existing IT deployment.

Overall Architecture

Learndot is divided into two applications or "experiences": The Learner Experience and The Admin Experience.

The learner experience is deployed at a URL like your-company.learndot.com or, if you use a custom URL, learn.your-company.com. If you visit this URL as an admin, you will be able to view and navigate yours courses exactly the same as a learner you have invited to take a course.

​The admin experience is accessed by signing in through the Learndot homepage or the Learndot Admin page. This is where you can create content, manage access, view reporting, and do all configuration. Aside from the learner experience article linked above, this documentation will be focused on the admin experience.

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